Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Skyward - App Review

Skyward for Apple iOS and Android is an innovative puzzle game that comes to life and changes shape as you play it. Guide two dots through this ever changing maze and try to go as far as you can before going splat. This one is suitable for all ages and will madden your sensibility without discrimination.

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Skyward presents in portrait mode to deliver an intensely addictive and seriously challenging puzzle game. As the story goes, there’s two dots, one red, one blue, and they take turns orbiting each other as you walk them through this ever changing maze. Just tap the screen at the precise moment to place the orbiting dot onto the puzzle, then tap again to place the next, and so on and so forth to “walk” your two dots through this puzzle. The tricky part is, you only have a limited amount of time to place each dot onto the puzzle, otherwise it’s game over, so speed and accuracy are essential. The maze itself looks like one of those optical illusion sorta things, where the optical illusion changes depending on your perspective. There’s speed up and slow down squares to keep things tricky and the ever changing landscape really keeps you guessing. You won’t get far in any given run, but you’ll hit that replay button often in fits of frustration that beckon you to try again. This is a puzzle game at heart, but it’s also a maddening replay game too.

The controls just use that lone screen tap to place your dots and make the magic happen, and all functioned well, so there’s no blaming that when your play sucks. The graphics have a retro look and feel to them, as if they come out of the pages of an old school puzzle book I checked out of the library as a kid.  The animation features some cool renders as the puzzle unfold and expands, triggered as you advance through the maze.  The sounds offer minimal punctuation, rightly placing focus on the madness at hand. 

Skyward is as addictive as it is frustrating. This one is sure to tweak your noodle, as success always feels like it’s just around the corner, though you never quite get there. Enjoy.

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