Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Skate Lines - App Review

Skate Lines app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool skateboarding game with some truly inspiring visuals. Thrash and skate an array of urban courses, featuring ethereal visuals and a meditative score. This one is utterly mesmeric to play and fun for gamers of all ages, regardless of if you're into skateboarding or not. (continued)

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Skate Lines presents in landscape mode to reveal perhaps the single coolest skateboarding app I've ever seen. You're viewing the scene from a side angle as your skater avatar does cool tricks and stunts on an array of urban obstacle courses, set to the streets of Los Angeles during the day and night, with Oslo and Barcelona themed rides coming soon. Ride the rails of a stairwell grab bar, jump logs, ollie off curbs, and do a host of cool tricks that'll take some time to master. The game is very ethereal and relaxing, and I had a lot of fun just enjoying the scenery and lulled by the smooth music. This one is so cool, it almost makes me want to take up skateboarding for real.

The controls are highly evolved, featuring an elaborate wheel menu of tricks; just slide your finger across the screen, angle it toward the array of tricks listed on the dial, then release to execute. There's also a host of tap and double tap options, and a couple buttons near the bottom of the screen, including a leg pump action to go faster. It all takes some getting used to, however, just poking around yields some pretty spectacular results. The graphics feature glowing hues and that lone skating figure, seen in silhouette.  The visuals are very iconic, yet nondescript at the same time; this could be anyone, at any given time, just skating and having fun.  The animation is smooth as silk, and as clean as lines you're painting with your wheels. The music is dramatic, meditative and mesmeric; I almost felt like I was slipping into a trance and just got lost in the play.

Skate Lines app for Apple iOS and Android very much makes skateboarding seem like an art form, not just an activity relegated to nonconformist hoodlums. This one is outstandingly fun and suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels. If you can appreciate beauty and artistry, then this game is for you and will certainly entertain. One of the best games I've played in recent memory.

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