Monday, February 9, 2015

Shadowmatic - App Review

Shadowmatic for iPhone and iPad offers a new twist on classic shadow puppetry. Twist and turn an object to figure out what it is by the shadow it casts. This one requires patience and logic to master and each level brings something new to the table.

 $2.99 - Official App Store Links:   Apple iOS  |  Android

Shadowmatic presents in landscape mode to deliver a cool puzzle game with an interesting twist. You are presented with an object on the right side of the screen that doesn’t look like anything in particular at first glance. The object hovers in midair, with a bright light shining on it off-screen, causing it to cast a shadow on the left. Your objective is to twist, turn and rotate the object to change and shift the shadow it casts and figure out what the heck it is. Near the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a series of dots, and each one lights up, one by one, as you twist and turn the object, offering a clue as to how close you are to solving the puzzle. Just keep turning and twisting until the solution is revealed to win the round. Naturally, things get trickier as you go along, but the play remains addictive and suitable for players of all skill levels.

The controls use taps, slides and even some pinch zoom functions to make all the magic happen, and all functioned exceedingly well. The graphics feature 3 dimensional objects and a nuanced environment that’s pleasing to the eye and of the utmost quality. The animation has a lot of subtlety to render here and does a nice job of it. The sounds are minimal, rightly placing focus on the puzzles at hand.

Shadowmatic is a quality gaming experience, to be sure. I really enjoyed this one and think it’s well worth the purchase price. This one will entertain clear through to the end.  



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