Saturday, February 7, 2015

Psych - App Review

Psych for Apple iOS and Android is a kaleidoscopic sorta replay game with trippy graphics, addictive play and a simple premise that leaves no excuse for how crappy you'll be at it. This one is lots of fun and you'll be hitting that replay button often.

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Psych presents in landscape mode, though in reality, it can be played in portrait too; the visuals are so trippy, that it really doesn't matter which way you hold your gizmo. As the story goes, you are presented with a circular maze with orbiting layers. Each layer orbits in alternating directions to make multiple moving platforms. Your mission, is to leap your little pixel from one layer to the next, avoiding cutouts that make you fall into oblivion and go boom. But wait… there's more! Each of the orbiting layers is also moving inward toward the center, where they ultimately disappear, so you need to keep moving and quit lollygagging because there's no time to waste, sitting and sniffing the pixels, admiring their beauty; just leap and move, leap and move and hope you don't go splat. Oh, and by the way... you will go splat often. Oh, and one last thing... the graphics get trippier as you go along, so take that, Timothy Leary.
The controls use a single screen tap to bring on the madness, and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature alternating hues that add to the trippy geometric look. The animation has a lot of cool stuff to render; take note developers, this is what a cool replay game looks like. The sounds offered just the right punctuation to the play.

Psych is just good clean fun. I really enjoyed this one, as will any replay or puzzle fan. Try it stoned; that should be fun. *Disclaimer, no I'm not advocating the use of illegal drugs, so be sure to be of age and get approval from your doctor for medical cannabis... then, you can use the drugs! :oD



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