Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PhotoSync - wireless photo and video transfer - App Review

PhotoSync - wireless photo and video transfer for Apple iOS and Android is a must-have app for anyone who transfers a lit of pics from gizmo to gizmo. Just setup your transfer options and you'll be moving countless pictures and videos wirelessly over your WiFi network with just one click. No bs, this one actually works and I use it daily.

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PhotoSync - wireless photo and video transfer has been a life saver for me. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a very simple and pared down interface that’s focused on just one thing: transferring pictures and videos from your phone or tablet to a computer. The app also works between gizmos, like cell to tablet, and functions across platforms too, including Windows and Mac. Sounds too good to be true? Nope, it actually works. I use this app daily to transfer upwards of 250 pictures each and every day, and this app hasn’t let me down yet. To make the magic happen, just follow the simple onscreen instructions within the app and you’ll be up and running in no time; promise. The app does require you to install a free companion app on your destination computer, but fret not, because you will be up and running within 10 minutes or less. The app also features options for Dropbox, Flickr, FTP, Picasa, Facebook and a host of others.

Once you’re up and running, transferring pics is as simple as opening this app, selecting a destination device, then hitting the ol’ transfer button.  If the transfer should timeout, just hit the button again, and the app will resume where it left off, so there’s no time wasted on duplicate transfers. Having said that, I’ve only had the app timeout on me once, and I’ve been using it for months on a daily basis. All told, I have moved tens of thousands of pictures with this app, all with virtually no issues at all. If you’re going to use this one a lot, I recommend you take the few extra minutes needed to setup the Quick Transfer option, which allows you to transfer pics and vids to a selected device with just one button press. You can also set the app to automatically transfer all new pics once you are within WiFi range. So if you take pics when away from home, all will be transferred automatically upon your return. Sweet!

PhotoSync - wireless photo and video transfer is one of my most prized apps, simply because it makes my life easier and works flawlessly.  I would be lost without this one and can’t recommend it highly enough. 



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