Sunday, February 8, 2015

NHL Hockey Target Smash - App Review

NHL Hockey Target Smash for Apple iOS and Android isn't just for hockey fans. Think of it as a rapid-fire target practice game with addictive mechanics and loads of frustration venting. This one is suitable for gamers with lots of pent up anger to release. Oh, and I guess it might be a hit with hockey fans too; go figure.

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NHL Hockey Target Smash presents in landscape mode to deliver a game of solid aggression via rapid-fire target practice with pucks and sticks. As the story goes, you’re a lone hockey player, standing on the ice in front of a crowd of roaring fans. Your mission, is to blast as many pucks into an empty net as you can, smashing randomly moving bulls eyes, all within a set time limit. The play is fast paced and action packed. Your lone hockey player changes spots around the rink, from close up, to far away, including various angles just to up the difficulty. There are other mini games to be played within this app, but my fave by far, was smashing the crap outta them bullseyes. I found it hugely satisfying and addictive for some reason. It didn’t hurt that I was visualizing someone I was particularly angry with at that moment. This is very much like any other target practice game, just with a dude all decked out in hockey gear and probably missing a few teeth for sure.

The controls use screen swipes and flicks to bring on the thunder, and were highly responsive. Accuracy counts, and the secret that worked for me, was to just flick as fast as I could, and end the action by pointing directly at the target I wanted to hit. It takes some practice, but the smashing action is hugely satisfying.  The graphics go for CGI sorta realism, with nice details that drew me into the game. The physics are fantastic, which only added to my overall enjoyment. The animation is smooth, with nicely rendered smashes. The bullseyes shatter like glass, or maybe even frozen ceramics.  The sounds certainly added to my enjoyment, with nice slap shot smacks and shattering sounds.

NHL Hockey Target Smash offers a quality presentation, addictive play and is just downright fun. This one is suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels, no matter if they’re hockey fans or not. So smack away, app fans.



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