Friday, February 13, 2015

Moneygrabber! - App Review

Moneygrabber! for iPhone and iPad is a sweet and charming replay game that's wholly playable and can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and skill levels. Grab the falling loot to collect as much as you can. this one is good clean fun, with a high replay value.!/id946531019?mt=8
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MoneyGrabber! presents in portrait mode to reveal an extreme close up on a cute smiley face that fills your entire screen. Your mission, is to grab falling coins, bills and gemstones that rain down from above. Your little hand rests on the left side of the screen, poised and ready to snatch up all the falling loot. Just tap the screen at the right moment to snatch it all up. The game ends when you miss a grab, and that makes Mr. Smiley very sad indeed. The app keeps a running tally of your dollars and cents earned, so the app could actually be useful in teaching basic math to little ones. Hidden gemstones appear on the right edge of the screen, just punch them loose to send them flying, then you gotta try to grab them too. And you can buy silly things like a wristwatch or goofy tattoo with your virtual earnings.

The controls use a single screen tap to make the game go, and functioned as expected. The graphics are bare bones, but of nice quality and charm. The animation renders smoothly, with some decent visual events to hold your interest. The sounds offer just the right punctuation for a game like this.

MoneyGrabber! is a solid replay game with some entertaining twists. I find myself going back to this one from time to time. I just love the cute visuals and strong replay value. This one is simple but entertaining, with a quality presentation that’s often scarce in the replay genre.



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