Saturday, February 7, 2015

Micro Trip - App Review

Micro Trip for Apple iOS and Android is as much fun to look at as it is to play. Guide a single cell organism through the innards of a circulatory system unlike any you've ever seen before. This one is addictive and charmingly cute.
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Microtrip takes you on a journey inside the circulatory system of some mythic being. How do I know it’s a mythic being? Because I took Biology and I don’t remember seeing anything like this before; granted, I cut class sometimes to go to the arcade, but still. As the story goes, you are a single celled organism, and for some reason, you think it would be a good time to go surfing through the inner workings of whatever circulatory system you happen to be in at the moment. There’s all sorts of bouncy things, slides and fun to be had, but beware, cuz there’s also jaggies and meanies galore, bent on doing you harm. Your mission, naturally, is to avoid the meanies and have fun rebounding and sliding everywhere to go as far as you can. The play is addictive, fun and looks super cool.

The controls use your gizmo’s tilt function to guide your little cell through this zippy, trippy colorful maze, and all functioned nicely. The graphics are veritable eye candy: I didn’t know if I should play the game, or just lick my screen and eat it whole.  The animation has loads of cool stuff to render and did so smoothly.  The sounds feature some boingy and springy sounds that are cute and funny.

Microtrip is a trip, to be sure. This one plays like a retro classic and is sure to become one itself.



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