Thursday, February 5, 2015

Make Them Fall - App Review

Make Them Fall for iPhone and iPad is an addictive replay game that aims to drive you batty. Help stickmen fall as far as they can without going splat on the jaggies. This one is a standout amongst simple replay games, because it's actually playable and looks halfway decent.
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Make Them Fall has the rare distinction of being a replay game that's actually worth playing... well, in small doses anyways. As the story goes, this app presents in portrait mode with a split screen graphic that essentially duplicates your screen vertically; each half containing a vertically falling stickman, with randomly appearing jaggies in his path. Your mission, is to zigzag left and right, dodging those pesky jaggies to go as far as you can. I guess the game could be called Make Them Slide, cuz the stickmen look to be having a great time showin' off and looking ultra-cool and all, sliding down the edges of your screen like Tom Cruise in some big budget action flick. Anyhoo, the tricky part comes into play as the game gets going and it's soon hard to keep track of both games simultaneously. But wait, there's more! If you get bored with dual falling stickmen, how's about 4, 5, 6 or even 8? Oh yeah, look who's the wussy now?!?
The controls use a single screen tap to make each stickman jump from one side of the screen to the next, and yup, that's one tap for each stickman playing! The graphics look like comic book stills, if that comic book were all about stickmen, of course.  The animation is smooth and renders well.  The sounds offer minimal punctuation to the play.

Make Them Fall is good fun for replay addicts, while the rest of us will be marginally amused. This one is great fun any time you've got a couple minutes to burn.



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