Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let's Create! Pottery HD - App Review

Let's Create! Pottery HD for Android, iPhone and iPad is a relaxing simulation game. Create virtual pottery on a spinning wheel then sell it at virtual auction. This one is unique and suitable for players of all ages.

Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite
Official App Store Links:   iPhone, iPad  |  Android

Let's Create! Pottery HD is offered as both a free and paid app in both the Google Play and the iTunes App Stores. The app presents in portrait mode to reveal a basic potter’s wheel with a lump of clay on it. Your objective, is to touch and slide your finger on the virtual clay to mold a piece of pottery out of it. You can make indentations, pull the clay outward and nudge it into an array of shapes and designs. I couldn’t help but think of that famous movie moment in Ghost, between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The process of making this virtual pottery is both relaxing and enjoyable. Once complete, just place your piece into the virtual kiln for firing. The paid version allows you to paint your fired ceramics, while the freebie just leaves them in their raw and rugged state, which is still pleasing to the eye and beautiful to look at. From there, you can start arranging your virtual gallery and just keep all your pieces to admire yourself, or sell them off at virtual auction.

The controls use screen taps and slides to make the magic happen, and all functioned nicely. The graphics go for 3D views of this virtual potter’s studio and have lots of nice details. The animation is clean throughout, with some nice visual triggers and pleasing effects. This is a quality presentation, through and through. The sounds are minimal and relaxing.

Let's Create! Pottery HD is cool because it’s wholly original and simply a pleasure to play and look at. This one will entertain fans of all ages.



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