Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Left Shark - App Review - based on the Super Bowl XLIX shark mascots

Left Shark app for Apple iOS is a silly little game that's based on those funny Super Bowl XLIX sharks. Well, more specifically, this one is all about that dopey left shark. You know the one; the clumsy, klutzy putz that everyone loves the most. How long can Left Shark juggle his beach balls? Not sure, but you'll sure have fun trying. This one is a fun time killer that’s sure to entertain, no matter what team you root for. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Left Shark presents in portrait mode to deliver a lighthearted replay game with a simple premise: help the dopey Super Bowl Left Shark juggle 3 beach balls for as long as he can. That’s it. Nothing complicated, right? Well to do that, you’ll have to make left shark dance and flap his flippers. The better your groove, the bouncier the beach balls. So keep on flappin’ and slappin’ and wigglin’ and jigglin’, makin’ those dang beach balls go all bouncy-bouncy. Still confused? Ok, let me put it this way, sharks don’t dance, flap to a beat, or play with beach balls… but no one really gives a damn, cuz Lefty is just a cutie and fun to play with, so stop with the over thinking and just get to the beach ball bouncin’, flipper tappin’ an’ dancin’. I was actually surprised with how good I was doing. This one is maddening, but totally playable and fun. Nope, it won’t entertain for hours. Yup, it will make you smile.

The controls use an array of your gizmo’s screen capabilities to make the magic happen. Tilt your gizmo left and right to make Lefty wiggle each direction. His upper flippers are controlled with left and right screen taps near the center of the screen. Below that, are the left and right controls for his feet. If you wanna get fancy, hit both left and right at the same time to make lefty jump. Nice! Your mission: tap everything as fast as possible to make Lefty dance, and hopefully, keep smackin’ them dang beach balls to keep them in the air.  

The graphics are comical and charming, literally delivering the cartoon iteration of this goofy flesh eater. The animation is downright silly, featuring sharkey grinning a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. Somehow, they actually managed to give this shark’s face expressions and personality, which only adds to the enjoyment of play. The sounds are light and upbeat, rounding out the fun nicely.

Left Shark app for Apple iOS is just good clean fun. It’s also totally free, so download it and laugh a little.



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