Tuesday, February 10, 2015

JibJab Messages - App Review

JibJab Messages for iPhone and iPad is a silly and irreverent text message decorating app. Send funny animations to friends and family, featuring goofy clips with your face overlaid into the scene. This one is just good clean fun.

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JibJab Messages presents in portrait mode to deliver a very simple and sparse menu layout and interface. The app opens to present you with a host of silly animated GIFs and clips to share with friends and family. There’s a host of categories to select and browse, each featuring countless goofy animations that are sure to make you chuckle. Send the silly clips as is, or up the ante by overlaying your own face onto the bodies featured in the animations. Or, maybe add friends and family to that perfect scene to illicit a laugh. It’s all presented in good fun and some of the animations are just outright hilarious, especially when you tweak them to include yourself or loved ones.

To make the magic happen, the app will ask to access your camera and photo album, from there, just take a new picture from within the app, or select an existing one from your camera roll. Be sure to select and take pictures with a nice frontal view of your face, with no obstructions or shadows in the way. From there, just line up your photo within the provided layout to line up your eyes and mouth within the guides. That’s it.  The process only needs to be done once, then you can drop that face into as many animations as you like. The clips render in real time, with no lags or hangs. Just add your completed animation to any text message and send as usual. Alternatively, animations can be saved to your gizmo for easy return access.

JibJab Messages just makes me laugh. There’s so many funny ones here that it’s truly hard to pick just one. This one is loads of fun and sure to bring a smile to someone’s face, including your own.

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