Thursday, February 5, 2015

Iron Ball Ride - App Review

Iron Ball Ride for iPhone and iPad is a cool 3D puzzle game featuring a rolling ball, a goofy obstacle course and excellent physics. This one is addictive and requires patience and skill to master.

Iron Ball Ride
$0.99 - Official App Store Links:   Apple iOS  |  Android

Iron Ball Ride presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed, 3D puzzling environment. Your mission, is to roll a virtual ball through a series of goofy mazes, with perilous drops, wacky obstacles and teetering platforms -- and that's the easy part. The game features outstanding physics and animation. There's loads of unusual obstacles to overcome and there were many times I thought the challenges presented were insurmountable. But I was hooked, and ended up playing it clear through to the end. This one will make you sweat, to be sure, but it's got a high replay value and offers a quality presentaton throughout.
The controls employ screen swipes, taps and basically a little bit of everything your cutting edge gizmo is capable of; all functioned perfectly. The graphics are fully realized, offering quality 3D perspectives viewable from 360 degrees all around this colorful and elaborate landscape.  The animation has all kinds of cool stuff to render, like swinging pendulums and moving platforms, just to name a few, and all rendered smoothly. The sounds offer minimal punctuation to the play and were a perfect fit.

Iron Ball Ride is outstanding fun and sure to challenge puzzle fans of all ages and skill levels. My only complaint, is that it's too short. I want more levels! Well worth the nominal purchase price.



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