Saturday, February 21, 2015

Giant Boulder of Death - App Review

Giant Boulder of Death for Apple iOS and Android aims to be a simple and addictive replay game, focused on mayhem and destruction. Guide a rolling boulder down a mountainside to take out homes, run over cows and turn forests of trees into rubble. This one is fun in short bursts and suitable for all players regardless of age or skill level.

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Giant Boulder of Death presents in portrait mode to deliver a simple game of utter destruction. As the story goes, there’s a humungous boulder precariously perched at the apex of a rocky mountain. As luck would have it, the boulder teeters ever so slightly, which is just enough to send it toppling down the mountainside. As with any story of epic natural disaster, there’s an entire village of people, homes and livestock below, just asking to be pulverized to smithereens. Your mission, is to guide that giant boulder of death and help it smash into homes, pulverize trees, flatten livestock, and yes, even run over some flailing humans. The violence is minimal, showing merely the suggestion of death and mayhem, but fret not, dementedly cruel gamers, there’s still plenty of pixels and destruction bursting all over your screen. There’s also jaggy obstacles to avoid and leap over, lest your boulder make impact and bust into pieces. This one is rather short, and you’ll be hitting that replay button often.

The controls use your gizmo’s tilt function to steer that boulder into anything you’d like to smash, flatten and pulverize.  There’s also a single screen tap to make your boulder leap over obstacles. The graphics are blocky by design, and it almost looks like you’re running over a Minecraft village, except maybe not that blocky.  The animation renders well, with no visible lags, and did a nice job of keeping the violence clean, if that’s possible. The sounds struck just the right balance between angst and destruction.

Giant Boulder of Death won’t enjoy much longevity, but as an occasional time killer, this one is pretty fun.



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