Friday, February 6, 2015

Frontier Heroes - App Review

Frontier Heroes for Android, iPhone and iPad is a fun and cool app, brought to you by the good people of the History Channel. Compete in a series of innovative and challenging mini games that travel through the history of America. The game is not only loads of fun, but educational too.

Official App Store Links:   Apple iOS  |  Android

Frontier Heroes presents in landscape mode to deliver a series of cool mini games based on American history. Play 5 different games for each era presented, including, Early America, The Colonies, American Revolution, The Frontier, California Gold Rush and Land of the Free. I was highly impressed with the array of different and engaging games. You can go it solo, or do it pass and play style together with friends. Pan for gold, shoot arrows, shoot muskets, harvest corn, it's all just good clean fun and sure to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and skill levels. The app displays interesting trivia between rounds that present historical facts with a light touch. This is a quality presentation all the way around.
The controls use a little bit of everything to make the magic happen through this cross section of games; touch, swipes and slides all worked as expected and enhanced the play. The graphics almost look like cardboard cutouts, with inviting visuals and a pleasing style. The animation has a lot of satisfying visual triggers, which render smoothly throughout with nary a hang or lag. The sounds are the perfect compliment to the game, striking a good balance and punctuating the right elements.

Frontier Heroes is genuinely fun and the educational elements are just a nice bonus. This is sure to entertain gamers as well as history buffs.  Lots to play and do here with a top notch presentation.  



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