Saturday, February 14, 2015

Food & Wine Cocktails - App Review

Food & Wine Cocktails for Apple iOS and Android is an app for adults of legal drinking age. Learn how to make and present an array of cocktails and mixed drinks for that special party, event or quiet alone time with someone special. This one makes you feel all classy and refined, even if you're not.

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Food & Wine Cocktails is such a nicely presented app that it almost makes me want to take up drinking. Well, probably not, but you get what I mean. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a very clean and chic user interface, focused on mixed drinks, cocktails and wine. Learn which wines go best with which meal. View glassware silhouettes to learn the appropriate glassware to use for each cocktail and occasion. And naturally, browse a host of mixed drink options and learn how to make each one, with full recipes and step by step instructions. You can launch a custom search if you’re looking for something specific, or just browse the available categories to find something that suits your fancy.

Menu options include, drinks by spirit, drinks by type, cocktail tips, drink friendly foods, my favorites and top bars, which places all your local watering holes on a GPS map. Clicking on any of the categories brings up a vertically scrolling list of drinks, populated with icons and minimal text. The icons denote what alcohol base is in each drink, so you can easily identify the spirits used at a glance. Tapping an entry brings up a horizontally scrolling gallery of drinks that are professionally photographed and look absolutely delicious, and I don’t even drink alcohol. Tapping any of the drink images brings up the full recipe and instructions. 

The app itself functioned well, and I experience no hangs or glitches, save the occasional GPS lag when viewing a map of local watering holes. I particularly liked the drink friendly food selection, which even included some recipes.

Food & Wine Cocktails is a nicely presented app throughout. This would be ideal for any special occasion or memorable moment. The whole thing came off with an air of sophistication and refinement, yet remained totally down to earth and accessible. Enjoy, and drink responsibly. 



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