Friday, February 6, 2015

Epic Zen Garden - App Review

Epic Zen Garden for iPhone and iPad is a cerebral and meditative game of feng shui and being at one with the universe. Touch and engage your surroundings to find life and beauty undulating everywhere. This one will calm your nerves and make you breathe and relax.

Epic Zen Garden
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Epic Zen Garden presents in landscape mode to deliver a unique gaming experience. There's nothing to blow up or shoot at, no zombies or gratuitous violence, and no stupid replay premise. This one is rather straightforward and simple. Your objective, is to take time out to smell the virtual flowers and admire life's beauty, even if it's technically benign and lifeless in this digital format. But I guess even Buddhists might believe in the oneness and inherent beauty in all things, even inanimate tech gizmos. As the story goes, there's a series of mountains suspended in time and space, and your mission, is to explore all the beauty and wonderment they have to offer. Tap on one of the floating mountains to zoom in, all 3D and stuff, into a lush garden scene in what looks to be the back yard of a posh Bel-Air estate. You notice a shrub to your left, flowing in the breeze; tap that to move in closer. You rustle the branches to discover you can make leaves and flowers blossom. Then you look to your right, and notice a koi pond; tap that to summon the fish and make them react to your watery ripples. Beyond that, is a Zen garden, tap to fly your perspective in tighter and see what's what. Starting to get the picture?

The controls use basic screen taps, swipes and touches to make the magic happen, and it's a beautiful thing to see. The graphics feature fully realized, lush 3D environments to touch and explore. The animation is meditatively smooth, however, all this high quality 3D will certainly make your gizmo run a tad hot and will challenge the processing power of lesser gizmos. The sounds are tranquil and inspire inner peace.

Epic Zen garden is just a pleasure to admire and enjoy. The only real point here is to remember to take time out and engage with your surroundings. This one is thoroughly enjoyable and fun to play with.



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