Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dot Spinner - App Review

Dot Spinner for Apple iOS is a fun and addictive replay puzzle game. Shoot matching colored dots into a hexagram puzzle and try to make the whole thing disappear. The play is maddening and fun in short bursts.

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Dot Spinner presents in portrait mode to deliver a pixel puzzle game of sorts, with a heavy replay value. As the story goes, there’s a hexagram puzzle onscreen, which rotates on its center point like a spinning wheel if you hit it just right. Above that, is a sort of minimalist canon, and your mission, is to shoot colored dots into the puzzle and try to match similarly colored dots, which makes them disappear. The dots you’re shooting can be rebounded off the sides of your screen to make trick shots. Just keep shooting until you erode the puzzle to the point where it presumably disappears and you win the game. The tricky part is, more dots are added in bursts, so speed and accuracy count. Oh, and one more thing, if your puzzle grows wide enough to touch the sides of your screen then it’s game over, so speed and accuracy in your shots count.

The controls use screen slides and taps to aim and shoot your colored balls, and all functioned well. However, the physics are such that it’s hard to shoot and rebound with any real accuracy. I did like how you can spin the entire puzzle if you shoot a ball into it just right, which helps adjust your view and setup shots. The graphics are just basic colored dots clustered into this hexagram shape; it’s simple and rudimentary, but looks good. The animation doesn’t have much to render but is mostly smooth throughout, though I felt it was lacking in subtlety overall. The sounds offered minimal punctuation to the play.

Dot Spinner is good fun in short bursts. It’s the kind of game that aggravates you quickly, but you keep wanting to come back to it, just to see if it’s possible to actually finish it. Enjoy.



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