Thursday, February 19, 2015

Disney Inquizitive - App Review

Disney Inquizitive for Apple iOS is a silly little quiz taking game for kids of all ages. Take an array of kid friendly, Cosmopolitan magazine sorta quizzes, all with a Disney twist, to discover things about yourself that you never knew you never knew. This one doesn't do much but is certainly charming and entertaining.
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Disney Inquizitive presents in portrait mode to deliver a vertically scrolling interface, centered on nice quality thumbnails and minimal text. Just scroll through the offerings to find an entry of interest to you, then click on it to bring up a multiple choice quiz, displaying images and nice large buttons containing your possible responses. Just select one of four answers to all the questions presented, and by the end of the quiz, you’ll have your magic kingdom answer to whatever pressing question is at hand.

Quizzes focus on topics like, Which Disney character would play you in a movie about your life? Which Disney prince is your soulmate? Which Disney dog are you? Which Disney character’s wedding dress should you wear?  Most of the quizzes are geared toward little girls, and perhaps some little boys who are princesses at heart too.  Sure, there are a few quizzes here that boys would like too, but Disney is all about the princess, and that’s who this app is mostly geared toward.

The app itself functions well. The controls just use screen taps to make selections and choose your answers. The graphics feature stills direct from all your favorite Disney movies. The animation is minimal, only rendering basic page turns and modest results. The sounds feature charming music that’s lighthearted and inspire happy feelings.

Disney Inquizitive is a nicely presented kids app that parents can feel good about giving to their kids to play. And best of all, it appears to be totally free.   



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