Friday, February 27, 2015

Dino On Fire - App Review

Dino On Fire app for Apple iOS and android is a super cool game of prehistoric proportions. Build your own dino compound, conduct cool science experiments, and engage in epic battles against neighboring dinosaurs. This one is as cool to look at as it is to play, though you’d better keep an eye on your wallet, lest these flesh-eaters devour it whole. (continued)

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Dino On Fire presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly developed and evolved sim game, starring none other than some freakin’ cool dinosaurs. Your mission, should you have the balls to accept it, is to build and evolve your own thriving dinosaur compound. Why? Because it’s fun, silly-dilly; why else does anyone play games to begin with? As the story goes, the dinos are in control and brandishing weapons. Your objective, is to place structures, fortify defenses, recruit troops and conduct scientific experiments to create mutant dino warriors. You can pay for play and spend real money to speed up build times, or employ patience and prudence and wait for things to evolve in their own time. Once you’ve got your dino compound headed in the right direction, check out the interactive map and pick a neighboring compound to invade and attack.

The attack sequences are highly entertaining; you just gotta suspend disbelief that dinosaurs could be so cunning, organized and armed to their razor sharp teeth with explosive weaponry, possessing superior logic and reasoning. But hey, that’s what all them dang science experiments are for, you mad dino genius. Just tap the screen to deploy your lizard skinned troops along the perimeter of your enemy compound, then sit back and watch the mayhem unfold. The action sequences are highly satisfying and entertaining to watch, beckoning you to reach into your wallet and up your firepower and fortify forces so you can be the biggest and baddest mutant dinos on the block.

The graphics go for broke here, with lots of vibrant colors, cool gizmos and immersive environments to develop, explore and discover. The animation certainly has a lot to render here too, and does a good job of it, with nary a lag or hang to be found.  The dinos move smoothly through their environment, with an effective illusion of weight and mass. No, these are not ordinary cuddly dinos, despite the big blinking eyes and deceptively innocent expressions. The battles sequences offer the most bang for your buck, but evolving your compound also has some wonderful visual triggers to watch and enjoy too. The sounds offer a vibrant soundscape that certainly added to the overall enjoyment of play.

Dino On Fire app for Apple iOS and Android is highly entertaining and offers a quality gaming experience. It's expertly presented and there’s lots to see and do here. This one could keep you occupied for months on end, however, it just might break the bank too, so keep a close watch on your wallet. Enjoy.



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