Friday, February 20, 2015

CSR Classics - App Review

CSR Classics for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool drag racing game featuring classic cars you can race and restore. Go fast and beat online opponents to earn virtual cash that can be used to upgrade cool muscle cars. This one is highly addictive for little boys of all ages.

CSR Classics
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CSR Classics presents in landscape mode to deliver a super cool drag race game against online opponents. It features an array of old school muscle cars to restore and the app starts you off with just enough cash to buy your first jalopy. Your objective, is to participate in drag races against computer and online opponents to win stacks of virtual cash and bragging rights. Your cash can be used to make performance enhancements under the hood and cosmetic enhancements to restore your car to its former glory. The play is highly addictive and fun. You can also buy fully restored cars outright, but that’ll cost you some real coin via in-app purchases, of which there are many to siphon your wallet.

The controls use precision screen taps to shift gears at the exact possible moment to maximize your speed and acceleration, and believe me, accuracy counts if you plan to win some races. I’ve played games like this before long and hard enough to buy the most expensive cars with virtually all upgrades possible. But at that level of play, you really need to be on your game to keep winning, so quality controls like this are a must. The graphics go for realism, with smooth as glass paint jobs, twinkling Vegas style lights and damp asphalt that glistens with depth and saturation. The animation is outstanding, complete with plumes of smoke when you burn rubber, quality renders and only the occasional lag or hang. The sounds go for realism and suit this game perfectly, with aggressive revs and screeching tires.

CSR Classics is highly addictive and fun. This one speaks to that little boy in all of us that wants to go fast and quench that need for speed; ok, and even some little girls too.  Great fun, for sure.



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