Thursday, February 26, 2015

Counter Spy - App Review

Counter Spy for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool game of espionage and disarming nuclear threats. Sneak through enemy bases gathering launch codes to save the day and be a hero. This one has an outstanding look and is sure to satisfy action gamers with its addictive play.

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Counter Spy presents in landscape mode to deliver a game that’s as fun to look at as it is to play. As the story goes, you’re super cool secret spy who’s on a mission in Russia. Your objective, is to sneak around military bases, hacking into computers, disarming nuclear weapons and collecting secret launch codes. I loved how slick and chic our secret agent looks; he’s a bad ass and knows it, and looks good doing it too. Crawl through cramped spaces, sneak behind enemy guards to deliver lethal death blows, climb ladders, inject yourself with medicine to heal, oh, and be sure to save the day while you’re at it too. The play on this one is as smooth as silk, with lots of intriguing elements that keep the game addictive and engaging. This is one that you’re gonna wanna play clear through to the end.

The controls use an array of capabilities to bring on the thunder, and all functioned well. Swipes, slides and taps deliver an array of stealthy movement and satisfying attacks. The graphics have a cartoonish quality to them. It’s not surprising that this game was brought to you in part by the good people of Sony, because this could easily be a big budget animated film. The animation is pristine throughout, with nary a glitch, lag or hang, and loads of cool stuff to entertain onscreen. The sounds are fully realized and certainly add to this game’s overall enjoyment.

Counter Spy is super cool and has some mildly violent elements to it, but remains kid friendly. I think this one can be enjoyed by virtually anyone and is sure to keep you engaged and interested for a good while. One of my favorite apps of late. Have fun.



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