Sunday, February 22, 2015

Circle the Dot - App Review

Circle the Dot for Apple iOS and Android is a simple puzzle game, featuring dots placed on a grid. Trap the lone blue dot with all your orange dots before it escapes the board. This one has the distinction of being both a puzzle game and a replay game, and is both interesting and addictive.

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Circle the Dot presents in portrait mode to deliver a single screened puzzle game that’s heavy on the replay value. There’s a honeycomb style grid onscreen, populated with a bunch of orange dots, scattered throughout the grid. Front and center, is one lone blue dot, bent on getting the heck outta here before he’s racially profiled and things turn ugly. Your mission, is to move your orange dots and trap that lone blue dot before he escapes the board. The play uses turn by turn mechanics, pitting you against the computer in a battle of wits. Just move your orange dots, one at a time and try to cutoff the blue dot’s path of movement. If he makes it to the edge of the puzzle, he escapes and it’s game over. The play is fun, but a tad like tic-tac-toe, in that, you can usually tell in the first few moves if it’s gonna be a winning game for you or not. You gotta corral that blue dot early, or he’ll escape each and every time. The games move quick, giving this one a high replay value.

The controls use simple screen taps to move your dots, and all functioned well. The graphics and animation feature cutting edge blue and orange moving dots on a grid, and looked about as good as elements like that can.   The sounds offered minimal punctuation, placing focus on the task at hand.

Circle the Dot is as simple as it is addictive. No, this isn’t destined to be a lifelong classic, but it’s thoroughly playable and I enjoyed it as an occasional time killer. This one is suitable for all gamers.



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