Friday, February 6, 2015

Can Knockdown 3 - App Review

Can Knockdown 3 for Android, iPhone and iPad is a simple replay game with excellent graphics and physics. Fling baseballs to knock down cans in this modern twist of an old carnival game. This one is addictive with a quality presentation.

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Can Knockdown 3 is the latest edition in this series of quality apps. Each successive rendition brings better performance, smoother renders and an array of cool power ups and explosive triggers. As the story goes, the app presents in portrait mode to deliver a modern twist on this classic carnival game. There's an arrangement of stacked tin cans before you, and naturally, your mission is to knock them all off the platform with 3 balls or less. Yes, you can earn extra throws for accomplishing set tasks and tricks. There's also an array of cool power up cans that explode on impact, earn extra balls or deliver special radioactive triggers. This is not your run of the mill knockdown game. Of all the ones I’ve tried, this is easily the best.

The controls feature excellent accuracy and nuance; just flick your finger to toss the dang balls. The cool thing is, you earn extra points for flinging with power and accuracy, and the controls are precise enough to make skilled shots possible.  The graphics go for 3D, industrial sorta realism; this is knockdown play with a cool urban grunge look to it. The animation is crisp and smooth, rendering satisfying explosions, and Rube Goldberg sorta mechanics. The sounds offer appropriate tin can bings and bonks that just felt right and added to the play.

Can Knockdown 3 is an addictive and fun timekiller for those moments when you got a couple minutes to burn. The app comes in a paid and free version and is sure to entertain gamers of all ages.



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