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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spirits of Spring - App Review

Spirits of Spring for Apple iOS is a highly intriguing game of magic and wonderment, based on an old Native American fable. Explore nature and paint with the colors of spring to uncover the mystery and learn valuable lessons. This one is simply a pleasure to play and look at.
 Paid - Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Spirits of Spring presents in landscape mode to deliver a game with a message. This one is based on Native American folklore and takes place in northern hemispheres, where the winters are long and cold, with no end in sight. Your mission, is to help spring return to these majestic lands, and to do that, you must collect a colorful life force from the few remaining trees and plants that still exist. The more life force you gather, the stronger your abilities become, and you are the only one in these lands with the purest of hearts to wield this power. The colorful live force you’re gathering follows you in a trail, getting longer and longer as you collect it. Use this power to create plant bridges and traverse uncrossable spans. Imbue life into lifeless greenery. Take on the powers of spirit animals to run and explore a as a mighty brown bear. This one is as intriguing to play as it is enjoyable to look at.

The controls use screen taps and slides for movement and to trigger actions, and all functioned as expected. The graphics have some nice details to look at, depicting this nature landscape from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. Truth be told, the visuals were a tad distant at times and lacked a sufficient zoom function. The animation is smooth throughout, with some colorful triggers to render. The undulating magical life force that follows you around is rather appealing. The sounds feature an appropriate score which ups the dramatics and entertainment value for sure.

Spirits of Spring is a beautifully haunting game that aims to educate as much as it entertains. This one has a special place in my heart and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It’s a quality game, through and through, and genuinely has something original to offer.   


Friday, February 27, 2015

Dino On Fire - App Review

Dino On Fire app for Apple iOS and android is a super cool game of prehistoric proportions. Build your own dino compound, conduct cool science experiments, and engage in epic battles against neighboring dinosaurs. This one is as cool to look at as it is to play, though you’d better keep an eye on your wallet, lest these flesh-eaters devour it whole. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Dino On Fire presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly developed and evolved sim game, starring none other than some freakin’ cool dinosaurs. Your mission, should you have the balls to accept it, is to build and evolve your own thriving dinosaur compound. Why? Because it’s fun, silly-dilly; why else does anyone play games to begin with? As the story goes, the dinos are in control and brandishing weapons. Your objective, is to place structures, fortify defenses, recruit troops and conduct scientific experiments to create mutant dino warriors. You can pay for play and spend real money to speed up build times, or employ patience and prudence and wait for things to evolve in their own time. Once you’ve got your dino compound headed in the right direction, check out the interactive map and pick a neighboring compound to invade and attack.

The attack sequences are highly entertaining; you just gotta suspend disbelief that dinosaurs could be so cunning, organized and armed to their razor sharp teeth with explosive weaponry, possessing superior logic and reasoning. But hey, that’s what all them dang science experiments are for, you mad dino genius. Just tap the screen to deploy your lizard skinned troops along the perimeter of your enemy compound, then sit back and watch the mayhem unfold. The action sequences are highly satisfying and entertaining to watch, beckoning you to reach into your wallet and up your firepower and fortify forces so you can be the biggest and baddest mutant dinos on the block.

The graphics go for broke here, with lots of vibrant colors, cool gizmos and immersive environments to develop, explore and discover. The animation certainly has a lot to render here too, and does a good job of it, with nary a lag or hang to be found.  The dinos move smoothly through their environment, with an effective illusion of weight and mass. No, these are not ordinary cuddly dinos, despite the big blinking eyes and deceptively innocent expressions. The battles sequences offer the most bang for your buck, but evolving your compound also has some wonderful visual triggers to watch and enjoy too. The sounds offer a vibrant soundscape that certainly added to the overall enjoyment of play.

Dino On Fire app for Apple iOS and Android is highly entertaining and offers a quality gaming experience. It's expertly presented and there’s lots to see and do here. This one could keep you occupied for months on end, however, it just might break the bank too, so keep a close watch on your wallet. Enjoy.


Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect - App Review

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect app for Apple iOS aims to be an immersive interactive game of epic proportions. Ok, well maybe it doesn’t achieve epic, but a solidly indie film vibe, complete with naughty language sure to make immature juveniles snark mischievously. Make selections that drive the plot forward and engage in nominal play to keep things interesting. This one is only mildly entertaining as a game, but as an interactive graphics novel, it’s actually pretty great. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect presents in landscape mode to reveal a street thug plot that responds to the choices you make to deliver a slightly different version of the same game each time you play it. As the story goes, daddy was a bad, bad man, but did good enough to sock away some cash for his son to go to trade school and dig his way out of a dead end trajectory. Only problem is, dear old dad is dying of cancer and sonny boy spent some of his tuition stash on rent and electric bills to keep his dad’s medical gizmos up and running. Rent is due, your deadbeat brother wants to borrow dad’s gun, and you’re at the end of your rope with nothing but bad options to choose from. What will you do? What happens next? Well, the plot lies in your hands, my gaming friends, so choose wisely or die thusly.

The controls use basic screen pokes and touches to make selections and complete various seek and find missions. The graphics go for a sorta watercolor animation that gives the whole thing a very artsy look that’s pleasing to the eye. I loved how graphic and iconic it all felt. The animation is mostly smooth but does have some motion jitters and awkward body movements, but that’s just nitpicking. The sounds feature decent spoken dialog that occasionally sounds wooden and stilted, but I enjoyed the fully developed soundscape that certainly upped the enjoyment of play.  

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect app for Apple iOS is a quality game throughout, and even though the story doesn’t change drastically no matter the choices you make, it’s all still quite inventive and expertly done. This one will entertain you a good while, especially if you’re curious enough to try playing different versions of it, just for fun.  A final note: this game has offensive language, homophobic slurs and a violent plot, so player beware.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2 - App Review

Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2 app for Apple iOS and Android is a sweet and charming game of food preparation and service. Feed an array of cute and hungry animals visiting Dr. Panda’s eatery. This one is as fun to look at as it is to play and remains suitable for kids of all ages. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2 presents in landscape mode to reveal a beachside restaurant on a small tropical island. Guests arrive by boat, driven by Mr. Monkey, and it was quite charming to see the cute elephant and hippo arrive by moonlight, ready for a dining date at Dr. Panda’s new restaurant. It’s all the rage, and even Gordon Ramsay would be impressed with the menu selections. After browsing the menu, each animal gives you their order with a speech bubble above their heads, displaying a picture of the meal they want. From there, Dr. Panda runs into the kitchen to scan the fridge, stocked with loads of yummy ingredients. Customers appear in the window and nod their heads when you find items they want, and shake “no” at items they don’t want. Just gather all the ingredients and head on over to the prep counter, where you’ll chop and add all the goodies into boiling pots of water and sizzling pans. There’s even a pizza oven and microwave, both of which are fun to operate and watch.

Once your meals are prepared, bring your steaming dishes of yummy food outside to your hungry guests, where they’ll devour it all quite happily. Once dinner service is complete, it’s time to gather the dirty dishes. Happy patrons leave nice tips for Dr. Panda before getting back on Mr. Monkey’s boat and head back home. This game is so sweet it probably causes cavities

The controls use basic screen taps to make selections and prep all the food, and all functioned nicely; nothing too complicated for the kiddies to handle. The graphics feature caricature renditions of an array of cute animals, all of which are charmingly sweet and draw you into the play. The animation is smooth and clean throughout, rendering some satisfying sequences that are sure to please. The sounds are lighthearted and upbeat, adding to the play nicely.

Dr. Panda's Restaurant 2 is just good clean fun and sweetly charming. This one will entertain the kiddies for a good long while, and probably some animal loving adults too.  Very nicely done and a quality game, through and through.


Counter Spy - App Review

Counter Spy for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool game of espionage and disarming nuclear threats. Sneak through enemy bases gathering launch codes to save the day and be a hero. This one has an outstanding look and is sure to satisfy action gamers with its addictive play.
 Paid - Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Counter Spy presents in landscape mode to deliver a game that’s as fun to look at as it is to play. As the story goes, you’re super cool secret spy who’s on a mission in Russia. Your objective, is to sneak around military bases, hacking into computers, disarming nuclear weapons and collecting secret launch codes. I loved how slick and chic our secret agent looks; he’s a bad ass and knows it, and looks good doing it too. Crawl through cramped spaces, sneak behind enemy guards to deliver lethal death blows, climb ladders, inject yourself with medicine to heal, oh, and be sure to save the day while you’re at it too. The play on this one is as smooth as silk, with lots of intriguing elements that keep the game addictive and engaging. This is one that you’re gonna wanna play clear through to the end.

The controls use an array of capabilities to bring on the thunder, and all functioned well. Swipes, slides and taps deliver an array of stealthy movement and satisfying attacks. The graphics have a cartoonish quality to them. It’s not surprising that this game was brought to you in part by the good people of Sony, because this could easily be a big budget animated film. The animation is pristine throughout, with nary a glitch, lag or hang, and loads of cool stuff to entertain onscreen. The sounds are fully realized and certainly add to this game’s overall enjoyment.

Counter Spy is super cool and has some mildly violent elements to it, but remains kid friendly. I think this one can be enjoyed by virtually anyone and is sure to keep you engaged and interested for a good while. One of my favorite apps of late. Have fun.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Left Shark - App Review - based on the Super Bowl XLIX shark mascots

Left Shark app for Apple iOS is a silly little game that's based on those funny Super Bowl XLIX sharks. Well, more specifically, this one is all about that dopey left shark. You know the one; the clumsy, klutzy putz that everyone loves the most. How long can Left Shark juggle his beach balls? Not sure, but you'll sure have fun trying. This one is a fun time killer that’s sure to entertain, no matter what team you root for. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Left Shark presents in portrait mode to deliver a lighthearted replay game with a simple premise: help the dopey Super Bowl Left Shark juggle 3 beach balls for as long as he can. That’s it. Nothing complicated, right? Well to do that, you’ll have to make left shark dance and flap his flippers. The better your groove, the bouncier the beach balls. So keep on flappin’ and slappin’ and wigglin’ and jigglin’, makin’ those dang beach balls go all bouncy-bouncy. Still confused? Ok, let me put it this way, sharks don’t dance, flap to a beat, or play with beach balls… but no one really gives a damn, cuz Lefty is just a cutie and fun to play with, so stop with the over thinking and just get to the beach ball bouncin’, flipper tappin’ an’ dancin’. I was actually surprised with how good I was doing. This one is maddening, but totally playable and fun. Nope, it won’t entertain for hours. Yup, it will make you smile.

The controls use an array of your gizmo’s screen capabilities to make the magic happen. Tilt your gizmo left and right to make Lefty wiggle each direction. His upper flippers are controlled with left and right screen taps near the center of the screen. Below that, are the left and right controls for his feet. If you wanna get fancy, hit both left and right at the same time to make lefty jump. Nice! Your mission: tap everything as fast as possible to make Lefty dance, and hopefully, keep smackin’ them dang beach balls to keep them in the air.  

The graphics are comical and charming, literally delivering the cartoon iteration of this goofy flesh eater. The animation is downright silly, featuring sharkey grinning a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. Somehow, they actually managed to give this shark’s face expressions and personality, which only adds to the enjoyment of play. The sounds are light and upbeat, rounding out the fun nicely.

Left Shark app for Apple iOS is just good clean fun. It’s also totally free, so download it and laugh a little.


Dot Spinner - App Review

Dot Spinner for Apple iOS is a fun and addictive replay puzzle game. Shoot matching colored dots into a hexagram puzzle and try to make the whole thing disappear. The play is maddening and fun in short bursts.
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Dot Spinner presents in portrait mode to deliver a pixel puzzle game of sorts, with a heavy replay value. As the story goes, there’s a hexagram puzzle onscreen, which rotates on its center point like a spinning wheel if you hit it just right. Above that, is a sort of minimalist canon, and your mission, is to shoot colored dots into the puzzle and try to match similarly colored dots, which makes them disappear. The dots you’re shooting can be rebounded off the sides of your screen to make trick shots. Just keep shooting until you erode the puzzle to the point where it presumably disappears and you win the game. The tricky part is, more dots are added in bursts, so speed and accuracy count. Oh, and one more thing, if your puzzle grows wide enough to touch the sides of your screen then it’s game over, so speed and accuracy in your shots count.

The controls use screen slides and taps to aim and shoot your colored balls, and all functioned well. However, the physics are such that it’s hard to shoot and rebound with any real accuracy. I did like how you can spin the entire puzzle if you shoot a ball into it just right, which helps adjust your view and setup shots. The graphics are just basic colored dots clustered into this hexagram shape; it’s simple and rudimentary, but looks good. The animation doesn’t have much to render but is mostly smooth throughout, though I felt it was lacking in subtlety overall. The sounds offered minimal punctuation to the play.

Dot Spinner is good fun in short bursts. It’s the kind of game that aggravates you quickly, but you keep wanting to come back to it, just to see if it’s possible to actually finish it. Enjoy.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Skate Lines - App Review

Skate Lines app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool skateboarding game with some truly inspiring visuals. Thrash and skate an array of urban courses, featuring ethereal visuals and a meditative score. This one is utterly mesmeric to play and fun for gamers of all ages, regardless of if you're into skateboarding or not. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Skate Lines presents in landscape mode to reveal perhaps the single coolest skateboarding app I've ever seen. You're viewing the scene from a side angle as your skater avatar does cool tricks and stunts on an array of urban obstacle courses, set to the streets of Los Angeles during the day and night, with Oslo and Barcelona themed rides coming soon. Ride the rails of a stairwell grab bar, jump logs, ollie off curbs, and do a host of cool tricks that'll take some time to master. The game is very ethereal and relaxing, and I had a lot of fun just enjoying the scenery and lulled by the smooth music. This one is so cool, it almost makes me want to take up skateboarding for real.

The controls are highly evolved, featuring an elaborate wheel menu of tricks; just slide your finger across the screen, angle it toward the array of tricks listed on the dial, then release to execute. There's also a host of tap and double tap options, and a couple buttons near the bottom of the screen, including a leg pump action to go faster. It all takes some getting used to, however, just poking around yields some pretty spectacular results. The graphics feature glowing hues and that lone skating figure, seen in silhouette.  The visuals are very iconic, yet nondescript at the same time; this could be anyone, at any given time, just skating and having fun.  The animation is smooth as silk, and as clean as lines you're painting with your wheels. The music is dramatic, meditative and mesmeric; I almost felt like I was slipping into a trance and just got lost in the play.

Skate Lines app for Apple iOS and Android very much makes skateboarding seem like an art form, not just an activity relegated to nonconformist hoodlums. This one is outstandingly fun and suitable for gamers of all ages and skill levels. If you can appreciate beauty and artistry, then this game is for you and will certainly entertain. One of the best games I've played in recent memory.


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